Freaker USA

It all started with a wild idea.

A team was assembled and a product that would change the course of beverage history was birthed into the world. 

     We collaborated with the Freaker Team on an initial crowdfunding video that Kickstarter called it "the holy grail of Kickstarter Videos".

     Seven years later, Freaker USA has grown into thriving business and we've continued to create content with Freaker USA and consult about the brand direction.


We've created video material for the Tradeshow booth, in-store product displays, website, 2nd product kickstarter and a video that aired during CEO Zach Craine's pitch on ABC's Sharktank.

Now, a Freaker can be found in almost every corner of the country!  Zach Crain has an on camera presence that you can’t help but love and he has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with over the years.